image The first worship service was held in the Chapel on December 15, 1957 with Dr. I. N. Patterson, then General Secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention who preached the first message. The Sunday school that opened the Chapel that morning had 55 pupils in attendance with Mrs. W. W. Logan as Superintendent. Among other people who helped in early age of the Chapel was Rev. C. F. Eaglesfield as first Pastor. But since his leave could not allow him to start, Rev. L. G. Lane then began the Chapel's pastorate. The bulk of the finance for the Chapel project was borne by the Nigerian Mission of the Southern Baptists Foreign Mission Board, USA

About a month after the first worship service, a dedication service was held at the Chapel on January 12, 1958. During that time an All-African Conference of Churches was going on in Ibadan. This offered opportunities for representatives and leaders of several denominations from various parts of Africa to attend the dedication service. Among the worshippers in the Chapel that day were people from other parts of the world like United States of America and Pakistan. According to Rev. W. N. Claxon (Pastor, June 1962), this service and the attendance with an international group were symbolic of the future congregation of the Chapel." The Chapel was received as a member of the Ibadan Baptist Association in July 1958

The Chapel has always had various ways of ministering to the needs of the people both within and outside her four walls. Starting from February 1959, the Chapel voted money for regular Sunday transportation of college students from their various higher institutions to Baptist Chapel, Oritamefa premises.

Records have it that at least between May 29 1966 when a dedication service was held for the third unit of the educational buildings and July 23 1967, two morning worship services were held at 8 and 10 a.m. every Sunday. The two services must have been necessitated by the increasing number of worshippers at the Chapel during its early years. They were so many that the capacity of the auditorium could not hold them, hence they had to break into two. This method greatly enhanced the fast growth of the Chapel, such that after the 5th Anniversary in 1962, there was a need for a larger auditorium. This new auditorium was completed in 1970. By then the Chapel had developed loan organized Church.
It must be pointed out here that the Chapel project was that of Idikan Baptist Church, where most of the Baptist Missionaries in the city belonged. She was adopted as a mother to Oritamefa Chapel, until Oritamefa Baptist Church was organized.

The Baptist Chapel was organized into a church formally on May 21, 1967 with the new name, Oritamefa Baptist Church, Ibadan. Pastor Bowers accepted the call to Oritamefa after he had been informed of the Chapel's request for a full-time Pastor in 1965 by Dr. Goerner, Southern Baptists Secretary for Africa. He was inducted as the first full-time Pastor on June 4, 1967 having arrived for the first time on Nigerian soil on May 26, 1967. From this time (June 1967) onward, things started to be systematic and better organized in the life of the Oritamefa Baptist Church.