Church Departments

Unlike the Yoruba-speaking churches where they form various societies, Oritamefa Baptist Church has no such societies. In other words, our societies are our departments. The church therefore has the following departments:
  • The Women's Missionary Union (WMU) headed by a President.
  • The Men's Missionary Union (MMU) headed by the President.
  • The Youth Fellowship headed by a President.
  • The Children's Department with Head of Department.
  • The Sunday School Department headed by the Sunday School Superintendent.

- Ministry Units:

  • The Church Training Programme (CTP)/House Fellowship headed by a Director.
  • The Music Director headed by the Music Director.
  • The Teenager Church headed by a President.
  • MasterLife Discipleship Programme.
  • Counselling and Deliverance Unit headed by the Chairman.
  • Missions Committee headed by Dn P. K. Oluwatise.

Women's Missionary Union (W.M.U.)

The Oritamefa Baptist Church like any other Baptist Church in Nigeria is privileged to have her W.M.U which is accomplishing the goal of the Union at the local level.
-Deaconess Shade Akinola - Current President
The W.M.U consists of the following organs
  • The Sunbeam - Children from ages 1-10
  • The Girls' Auxiliary - (G.A) 10 - 17
  • The Lydia (Single Ladies) 17 — till marriage
  • The Women's Missionary Society — married women only
The W.M.U of Oritamefa meets regularly every Monday at 5:30 pm. Some of the activities of the society include; (a) Programme discussion as specified in our program book called — PROCLAIM. (b) Prayer retreats, (c) Bible Studies (d) Mission studies (e) Stewardship Services.
The society attends associational meetings, Conference meeting and the Convention. Our Sunbeam, G.A. and Lydias also attend meetings at Ede or Hebron Centre, in addition to their weekly programme.

Men's Missionary Union (M.M.U)

The Men's Missionary Union of Oritamefa Baptist Church, Ibadan is as old as the church herself all because since the inception and organization of Oritamefa Baptist Church, men of goodwill through the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit had started gathering together for the single purpose of propagating the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The MMU of Oritamefa Baptist Church is a leading union in the Ibadan North Baptist Association, The Ibadan Baptist Conference, and the National Body of the M.M.U. in Nigeria Baptist Convention. The Royal Ambassadors (R.A.) is under direct supervision of M.M.U.
-Deacon Prof. Wole Abatan. - Current President

The Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship of Oritamefa Baptist Church like in any other Baptist churches in the Nigerian Baptist Convention was given the honour to have her own Youth Fellowship that consists of both young men and women between the ages of twenty (20) years to forty (40) years who are both single and married. This department in the church meets regularly on Mondays between 5.30p.m. and 7.30p.m, where their various weekly activities are subjected to the Pastor's leadership. Among such programmes are membership drive both within and outside the Church (Evangelism), Bible Studies, Musical Concert, Retreats, Leader ship Workshop, Empowerment Seminars, Teachings, Talks, Picnics, Quarterly Vigil and Breakfast Fellowship just to mention a few.

-Bro. Kunle Amosu - Current President

The first Youth Pastor for the Youth week celebration of Oritamefa Baptist Church was Bro. S. I. Sobukola in 1967.

The Children’s Department

The Children Department of oritamefa Baptist Church started as children service in the educational building of the church. It involved calling for volunteers from the WMU on monthly rotation. Children Evangelism Ministry(CEM) took over the children service in 1986. Trained children evangelists teach the children and and keep them busy throughout the hour of service. It has the creche, toodlers, kindergarten, primary school students and secondary school students. It also various activities and other sub-groups such as Quarterly Prayer Retreet, Children Choir, and Drama Arm. The unit minister during special occasions like Easter, Christmas celebration and Holiday Bible School.
The Children Department is headed by Dns Modupe Adepoju.

Yoruba Church

The Yoruba speaking arm of the Church was established to cater for the grannies and helpers during Mr. Kolawole’s regime in 1982. The Yoruba arm is under the children’s department but supervised and ministered to by the deacons of the church on rotational basis.

The Teenage Ministry of the Church

Promising, full of energy, creative and averse to dull moments marked the group of young people who caught the eyes of Mrs. Moji Leigh some years ago.
She observed that and decided with the support of her husband, Rev. S.M. Leigh who was then the Pastor of the church to start a fellowship called the TEENAGE CLUB to cater for this category of young people. The teenage club started officially in 1991.
The club meetings featured Bible Studies, discussions, talks, family meetings etc. this group of young people fellowship in an atmosphere of love where they had the opportunity to challenge, teach and look after one another.
They had outreaches such as Praise Night, Drama Night and Teenage Weekend. The teenage church had different activity units including Choir, Drama, Press Club, Ushering, Organizing Squad and Care 'n' Share (Welfare).
The Teenage Church of Oritamefa Baptist Church was inaugurated by Rev. S.M. Leigh on Sunday, July 29, 2007 from the then Bible Class of the Children’s Department.

The pioneer principal officers of the Teenage Church are: Deaconess Kunbi Daramola (Coordinator in Charge), Sisters Abba Abimbolu and Abolude. Emmanuel Ayanleke – the President, Ife Awopegba – the Assistant President and Leke Adelabu- the Secretary. The senior supporters and Counsellors are Tunde Adepoju, Bola Daramola, Gbemi Leigh, John Ayanleke and Kola Oyekole.


Current Coordinators -
Sis. Dorothy Akin-Ajani
Bro. Tolu Olowolafe
Sis. Yetunde Olawuyi
Mrs. Funmi Babalola

Current President is: Tolu Adeyanju

Sunday School Department

The Sunday School Department is a vital organ of the Oritamefa Baptist Church, Ibadan. The Current Sunday School Superintendent of the Church is Deacon Soji Adeyanju.

The Church Training Programme (CTP)/ House Fellowship

Another strong arm of the Church is the Church training programme (CTP). It was formerly Baptist Training Union (BTU). This arm has been in existence since the inception of the church.
The meeting of the CTP usually precedes the evening service that usually takes place at 5.00pm.
However, since the church started the House Fellowship which brought an end to the evening service of the church, the C.T.P. meeting has equally ceased since February 4, 2001. However, it is the Church Training Programme (C.T.P.) that is currently used House Fellowship at about 47 locations within Ibadan metropolis.
The House Fellowships with attendance between 600-800 that replaced the CTP and church service of Sunday evenings are headed by House Fellowship Ministers. These are brethren spiritually-called, screened and appointed by the pastorate.
A regular monthly House Fellowship Programme Review/ Information Dissemination meeting is held under the leadership of the pastorate. At this meeting, a preview of both the Adult and Children CTP programme for the month as published by the Convention takes place. Annual House Fellowship Banquet caps all activities in December when outstanding reports and results of N.B.C. Year Book quiz etc are rewarded.
The current CTP/House Fellowship Coordinator is Sis. Omobola Subair

The Choir Ministry of the Church

Oritamefa Baptist Church is blessed with the regular choir of the church otherwise known as the Sanctuary Choir. The choir is as old as the church itself. By the grace of God many souls have been won through the singing ministry of the choir. To be a member of the choir, a person must be 18 years of age and a registered member of the church.


This Choir started way back in the mid 1970s and was made up of children of the church of ages 5-12 years. The choir robe is Red, white and black.

Teenage Choir

This choir evolved from the Teenage club started by Rev. & Mrs. Leigh in the mid 1990s. The first leaders were Sister Deke Adelakan and Toyin Olawale with active support given by Evangelist Sola Ladipo and Fadipe brothers.

Youth Choir

The youth Choir started essentially as a Youth Week outfit about the mid 1990s. with time, it survived beyond the Youth Week and become a standing choir. The following are privileged to serve as leaders of the youth choir: Sis. Tolani, Sis. Jumoke Adegbola, Bro. Jide Okeowo, Sis. Ronke Oyelude and Bro. Gideon Adigun.


This is composed of married ladies who are members of the women’s missionary Union (WMU) in the Church. The leader of the Choir is Deaconess F.M. Adeleke and assisted by Sister Alayande.


The choir came into being in mid 90s with Deacon Prof. J.A. Adedeji of blessed memory as leader. Members consists of elderly persons, male and females who love to contribute to worship service for the glory of God occasionally and especially on special occasions such as Fathers’ Day of Emphasis, Ester, Christmas and New Year celebration.


Worship Team has been a feature of the Music Ministry of the Church, and they have always led in the singing of choruses of praise and worship. Initially in the 1980s, this was limited to thanksgiving Sundays at Easter, November and New year, and at revivals. Bro. Tunji Adigun was the first leader. He was popularly known then by the children as “what shall I render.” other leaders were Sisters Toun Soetan, Folusho Oyenuga and others. Bro. Ayo Ibitoye is the current Worship Team leader.
Others are Sanctuary Choir and Yoruba Church Choir.

The current Music Director is Bro. Olu Onifade and Bro. Dayo Oyedun is the Church Organist.


In 1987, the first set of MasterLife consisting of Sisters Moji Leigh, Ebun Adekanola, Bolanle Olabisi and Brothers Stephen Adegoke and Tunde Ogunnaiya aftyer they have been trained by Rev. Russel Locke. Deaconess Yemi Ipadeola is the current Coordinator of the programme.


This is a very important arm of the Church because the members are ministering to both spiritual and physical needs of the people of God. The members of this committee are born-again Christians, Spirit filled and persons of proven integrity, spiritually and otherwise.
The roles played by the committee are enormous and therefore include:
  • Counseling new converts
  • Counseling other believers in diverse areas of needs (spiritual and physical)
  • Carrying out deliverance
  • Administration of anointing service.
The current Chairman of the committee is Evang. Prof. Ranti Familoni.


This is another vital arm of Oritamefa Baptist Church, Ibadan.
Duties / Roles
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Collection of offerings, tithes and any other special offerings as directed by the Pastor.
  • Maintain order, quietness and orchestrate movement during the service and prayer meetings (1 Corithians 14:40)
  • Counting of money collected and giving of details and giving of same to the church Treasurer on Sundays.
  • Officiate at Weddings, Funeral Services, Birthdays Associational meetings and Convention both within and outside Oritamefa Baptist Church as required.
The current Chairman of the committee is Pastor Taiwo Orimadegun.